5 tips for better make-up!

1. Clean those brushes!

Da Vinci didn’t start on a painting with used brushes, covered in paint nor would a painter, paint a house with rollers/brushes left dirty, unwashed!

Think dirt & bacteria, think mixing colours, think uneven application!

So…no, that brush you bought in MAC 3 years ago is not useless… it’s just dirty!

Tip; Use baby shampoo/ brush cleaner with warm water, dry flat



*more help with brushes in a later post

2. Moisturise!

Uneven texture and dehydration = Makeup enemies… it’s pretty simple!

The more moisture in your skin, the longer your makeup will last, the fresher it will look.

Tip; Apply your moisturizer, let it sink in(2 mins) then see

if anywhere is still dehydrated and apply more just to that area.


3. Water, water, water!

Just like dehydration is an enemy of flawless make-up, water is its best friend.

Ever tried to apply make-up the morning after drinking alcohol? It drags, sits in fine lines, goes patchy! Much of the water has left you skin and you need to replace it!

Drink plenty of water regularly  (tea/MiWadi doesn’t count I’m afraid), use face masks regularly(twice a week) and your skin will thank you for it!Water

4. Oils

Oil and water might not mix but drinking water and taking fish oils certainly does! Fish oils help moisturizer the skin from the inside out. Every pharmacy has them! Note: It takes at least 2 weeks to see an improvement if you’re just starting off!

Eating salmon etc. is also a great option!

Tip; Omega-3 supplements improve hair, skin and nail condition!


5. Less is, sometimes, more!

“ONIONS!… Onions have layers!”

So does make-up application!

Sounds tedious and basic but thinner layers of primer-foundation-concealer-powders look and last better than a heavier/thicker ‘quick’ application! You can always add more but its impossible  very hard to fix cakey make-up! If you have the time… take it!

Tip; apply this even with eyeshadow!

You’ve much more control that way!





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