Why Bronzer is brilliant!

I’ll keep this short and sweet!

People might shy away from bronzer for fear of looking like this…


BUT when a subtle amount of bronzer is applied correctly it can give dimension and ‘glow’ back to your face after a ‘flat’ or ‘washed out’ looking foundation.

NOTE: Bronzer is not to be mistaken for contour!

Where to apply;

With a large powder brush, lightly apply….

  • Around the hairline
  • Across the cheekbones(this is not for contouring)
  • Across the nose, lightly!
  • Around the jawline
  • Around the chin, in swirling motions
  • Across the eyelid, lower lashline & in the socket, with a fluffy eye brush (this is beautiful for everyday)

What to avoid;

  • Shimmer/glitter in bronzer
  • Say no to Orange: the tone should be approx. 2 shades darker than your foundation…not 10!
  • Chalk-like textures: test the colour on your hand, if it catches on hairs, dry patches etc, it will be a similar situation on your face!

Would you notice that these ladies are all  wearing bronzer? . . .

Jen AnnistonJu houghDisney's "Beauty And The Beast" - UK Launch EventEmma WillisAngelina-Joliesaoirseronan

I will recommend a variety of options in a follow up post, in the meantime, go cheap & cheerful and get yourself a bronzer! There are many options for fair/medium skin, have a look in Boots, CARA etc.!

Play around with one and see how you get on before you decide to invest in one!

Glow forth and conquer!








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