Spring Cleaning!

New Year,  New You. . .



Hear me out! Whether you pledge to be more economical, more adventurous, more natural OR go full RuPaul with your makeup for 2019, it’s achievable without spending your rent in Sephora or reducing your stash as though you’re packing for Australia on a Ryanair flight!

1. Spring Clean

It’s as simple as it sounds!
Gather all the makeup you own together, yes, even those random liners, powders and lipsticks in your handbag. Sort them by function. Ask yourself is there anything I haven’t used in months/over a year? If you forgot you had it, keep it. If you won’t reuse it leave it aside, I will explain later.
Note: If you suspect a product is passed its use by date, please dispose of it! It will do you no favors keeping it.

2. Display

Now that you know what you have or rediscovered you have, rearrange how you display/ store/ leave out your makeup.
 This isn’t so you can’t find that mascara you use everyday but to encourage you to try other items that you have. You may discover new gems or recall what you hated about an item, if that’s the case, leave it aside too.
 Try to use something in your daily makeup that you haven’t used in a while, it might even change the way or order in which you apply your makeup.

3. #Affiliate Link

I urge you to review who you follow or look to for inspiration, guidance and expertise.
If there wasn’t social media, would they be in the ‘beauty industry’?
If they didn’t earn money from an affiliate link to a website or a brand would they recommend something to you? Finally, what is their goal? To share knowledge or get likes?….

4. Sharing is caring

Consider what you have set aside from earlier sorting and ask a friend, family member, colleague or whoever you think might like to try anything of yours or perhaps even swap it for something they no longer like/use. . . . it’s a yard sale but FREE!
*Avoid sharing mascaras as they can spread infection and be kind enough to clean a product where possible! 🙂
And remember…. clean those brushes!!!