The Brush Series Part 1; Brush Translate

Brushes can be what stands between you and a flawless finish, but with thousands available, how do you know which to buy, use or lose?

This will be a series of posts explaining the functions and features of make-up brushes, here are some of the most popular brushes.

A few things to note:

  • Firstly….Do you need them? Yes! …Do you need 1,000 of them? No!
  • Secondly… there are no rules, if a brush says “powder brush” and you like using it for cream products, you do you!
  • Remember! The shorter and closer together the brush hairs, the more product they will pick up and apply!


*Coverage= how much product the brush will apply
*Product= corresponding product to use
Paddle Brush
  Flat brush;
Coverage= High
Blending time= time consuming
Function= application & blending out
Product= foundation/primer/concealer
Stippling brush(Duo fibre);
Coverage= Light
Blending time = fast
Function= application & blending
Product= wet or dry: Foundation, cream/liquid blusher or bronzer.
Larde powder
 Large “powder” brush;
Coverage= light/medium (depending on how much you dip into your product)
Blending time; fast
Function=  application & blending
Product= Powders ( powder foundation/translucent), blusher, bronzer
Duo fibre
Duo Fibre brushes;
Coverage= light/medium and high(if tightly packed)
Blending time = fast(the dark, shorter hairs keep the longer hair separated so the blend out your product
Function= blending(eyeshadow), blusher, bronzer, highlighter, setting powders
flat top
 Flat top brush;
Coverage= high
Blending time= fast
Function= applying liquid foundation .
blush brush
Small round top brush;
Coverage= medium/high
Function= applying & blending out
Product= blusher, bronzer, contour
concealer brush
Concealer Brush;
Coverage= Medium/high
Function= applying concealer to under eyes, specific areas of the face
Product= colour corrector, liquid/cream concealers




Blender brush

Large Blending brushes;
Coverage= light/medium/high
Blending time= quick(if you are sticking by “thin, light layers” at a time method)
Function= applying & blending
Product= eyeshadow, highlighter to smaller areas, under eye powders
pencil brush
 Pencil brush;
Coverage= medium/high
Function= precise application of colour (dark or light)
Product= eyeshadow, glitters/pigments.
mac 217
Smaller Blending Brush;
Coverage= Light/medium/high
Function= applying and blending eyeshadow (this brush is more precise than the fluffier brush above, it will apply more product to smaller areas)
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