The Brush Series Part 2; Faux? Yes or no!


Here we have the second piece of this Brush Series puzzle.

Ever spotted a velvety soft makeup brush and immediately decide, it’s the softest brush of all time, therefore, I need it! – only to then notice its €€€ price tag and thought… I’ve seen that in Penneys, for €8, it’ll do instead thank you! The likelihood is that it was made from natural hair, in japan, with a laser printed, wooden handle.  Super expensive and an excellent applicator but that doesn’t mean no other brush will do the job.

The good news is that there are many brushes(both natural and synthetic) available to you, varying in prices so that you can buy within your budget, needs and preferences.


Natural Hair Brushes

Availible from:  ZOEVA (luxury range), Blank CanvasMorpheTom FordTrish McEvoyBareMineralsWayne GossCharlotte Tilbury


  • Application; due to the ‘porous’ nature of natural hair(goat, squirrel, pony), they pick up product easily.
  • Blendability; natural hairs will blend products very well due to their soft, very flexible hairs.


  • Absorption; some don’t like that fact that they can absorb some of your product due to the hair being porous; it’s a personal preference.
  • Cost; while some brands maintain a high price tag for their natural brushes, brands such as ZOEVA have made them much more accessible
  • Care; a little bit extra care is needed when cleaning/maintaining these brushes, gentle washing and a conditioning treatment(occasional) are needed.
  • Liquids; liquid can get trapped in the hairs easier than those made of synthetic fibers.
  • Animal Cruelty; not all makeup brands are described as animal cruelty-free….. you do you when it comes to this issue.


Synthetic Brushes

Available from; ZOEVABlank CanvasMACReal TechniquesInglot


  • Liquids; blend liquids very well because of the lack of ‘grip’ the synthetic fibers have(nylon or polyester)
  • Creams; synthetic brushes are brilliant when applying cream eye shadows and blending eye crayons/kohl pencils.
  • Cost; even quality synthetic brushes can be purchased at a low price.
  • Feel; the texture and feel of synthetic brushes are consistently improving with developments in manufacturing.
  • Clean; much easier to clean than natural(no cuticles or pores)


  • Powders; synthetic brushes can sometimes leave a more uneven finish to a look as the hairs don’t ‘hold’ and blend powder quite like natural hair; not always the case.

All in all it’s a very personal preference when it comes to brushes but I hope this has been at least a little helpful!

As always, ask away if you’ve any questions..